Linux Support! ( i got it run!!!)

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i just got Ghost of a Tale.

And this game is just incredible!!!! The whole game is so beautiful.
I play it on Win 10, but all games who are running in Linux i prefer to play in Linux.

I think Linux is the future, so it would be amazing, to get it run in Linux :)

And please make a second title!!!!

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Hi! Thanks so much for your message, I've passed it on to Seith. A Linux version is definitely something we're considering,
once the console and VR versions are released. Stay tuned!

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Hey Guys i'm coming back with exited news :)

I tried to figure out how to get this game work on Linux.

And with the Steam Version and Proton i got it run!!!

Here is my Sollution:

You need first Protontricks:

The i open the Terminal an looked for the game :

protontricks -s Ghost of a tale

something like this should come up :

Found the following games:
Ghost of a Tale (417290)

now you open the Gui:

protontricks 417290 --gui

Select the Default Wineprefix


Install a Windows DLL

Install here : dotne40 and vcrun2010

After installed start the game with

"PROTON_NO_ESYNC=1 DefaultLimitNOFILE=1048576 DXVK_HUD=1 %command%"

and Your done :)

A good Video who helped me was :
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