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Prince of Pesa Road
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I have a couple of suggestions for discussion.

1) The animations for Tilo are amazing. From the walking, scurrying, climbing and scatching his furry bum. But the one part that is strange, like it's been accidentally missed out, is when Tilo climbs down a ladder. He just disappears and then appears on the ladder. After seeing Tilo climb in and out of the Basket to get to the Tower, it seems awkward for him to simply appear on the ladder.

2) Rat Guards could change their tactics if you use the same hiding place all the time and run past them too often. For instance, if a Rat Guard sees you more than three times, they could lock a door at the corridor they patrol forcing you to find another route, another key, or have to play a mini game to unlock the door, putting you at the risk of being seen again.
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Hi Prince,

Thank you! Seith is definitely going to address the missing animation, it's on his (long) list of things to do.

I like your idea of mixing up the gameplay by putting some hiding places out of bounds. I'm going to pass that on to Seith.

Thanks again,

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