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Before I get into the suggestion itself I would like to introduce myself. I am Yorusen, Steve, a 18 years old male from the United Kingdoms. I have been playing games for quite some time (Around about 10 years) and I am really into Indie, Adventure, Puzzle-like games. When I first heard about Ghost of a Tale the first thing that came into my mind was The Tale of Despereaux. Let's be real, they look very similar!


Mice Smell

As much as I enjoyed the game for its graphics and lore I could never recommend it to an impatient gamer or a child. The reason is not the slow-pace of the game or the looks of the Rats and other creatures but because of the difficulty moving throughout the map and locating the quests and items needed to complete one (quest). At some point I got so frustrated that I decided to quit. From playing other Indie and Adventure games (Such as Fe or Mirror's Edge) that have some short of a guide that help the player locate an item, a person or a place, I found it very difficult navigating around the map. I thought having a pet, perhaps a bug, or a "sense" (smelling) that help you when things get tough more players would enjoy the game as they would concentrate on the main quest, which is finding Merra or the graphics of the game, which by the way are spectacular. Of course, even if you decide to add some short of a guide you must make it so that the game keeps the puzzle feature. Something like a countdown, or depending on your location? For example if you are in the sewers you won't be able to "smell" because of the bad smell of the place. It doesn't matter what it is going to be as long as it helps the player locate an item, a mice or a place.

Battle Mechanics

I completely understand the genre of the game and the main purpose, which is adventuring, but having to hide from the Rats or throwing bottles on 'em heads can be very frustrating. Some short of a battle mechanism, for example using a sword, would be a huge help. I understand that in that way one could go ahead and kill all Rats and then move around with ease so I came up with a more complex system.

- Unarmoured Rats should be able to detect you faster as they do not wear any short of helmet which can minimize their acoustic and view field.
- Unarmoured Rats should be able to hit twice as fast as armoured Rats as they do not wear any heavy armour that can "exhaust" them.
- Unarmoured Rats should be able to move faster than armoured Rats.
- Armoured Rats will require x3 more hits than unarmoured Rats in order to die as they wear heavy armour.

You will only be able to use a small sword which can eventually break if you do not repair it at the Blacksmith. If a mice holding a sword sounds a little too much then maybe Tilo could use a dagger. The weapon will not change the gameplay a lot as it will be effective only on unarmoured Rats (Since armoured Rats will require more hits) but instead it will spice up the game. Tilo should be able to counter some hits with the sword/dagger but using the weapon will make you lose your energy faster.


Please check out Discord here. Discord is an All-in-one voice and text chat for gamers that's free, secure, and works both on desktop and phone. No payment required.

If you are interested I could help you setup a server and create a Bot for free. (Mail me @ steveapo@icloud.com)

Thank you very much for taking your time to read my suggestion and keep up the great work!
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I made a proper Discord Ghost of a Tale server!! Check it out here: https://discord.me/ghostofatale
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Hi Yorusen,

Thanks for your great and thoughtful suggestions; they are all definitely things to consider for future games. In the early 2013 trailer for GoaT you'll see that Tilo did have some combat abilities. However we made the decision to remove them, to reinforce the fact that Tilo is a minstrel, not a fighter and to differentiate the player experience from many other games where the main interaction is to attack. But it's definitely something to consider for the future, if not for Tilo then for some other character he might meet.

We do have a Discord server already set up here: https://discordapp.com/invite/EbxBMRs
It was set up by Cosmogonies, our programmer. Perhaps there's a way to merge the two? You can find him on the Discord server and chat with him there.

Thanks again for your suggestions,

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