Old things can always be restored

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Sometimes buying new things or items is unnecessary if the old ones have lost their look. Most of the time, there is no need, and money is down the drain. After all, many old things can be tidied up and made visually like new. It's enough to make a little effort. Do you agree with this, or do you prefer not to bother and buy something new?
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Yes, I agree with you. If we are not talking about electronics and appliances, there is not always a need to buy something new. I can give an example with my hanger, which was not visually very beautiful, and thanks to the master classes https://craftyclub.co/1536/simple-diy-c ... utorials/ , I was able to provide it with a new and unique design. And most importantly, it did not require a large investment. At the same time, I feel that this is a new thing in my house.
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I usually only buy new things and furniture at the last minute. I take advantage of the opportunity if an item can be restored somehow. After all, it's not uncommon for an old thing to be fixed even better than a new one. Not all new things are made with high quality.
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