Randomly (re)spawning insects for food.

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As a completionist and a timetaker, I have spent a huge amount of time fiddling about in the courtyard and jail. I tend to do several shenanigans with the guards, but also: I change outfits for npc interactions and then change it back and so on a so forth. Changing outfits requires me to restore health, because maximum health changes.

All this is very food consuming to the extent that I burnt through my carrot stash. So now I just sleep off any damage or any outfit changes.

Could we have insects spawn randomly around the place, so I can still grab food for Tilo even if the whole place is looted?
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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the suggestion! We're aware of the issue with losing the health/stamina you've built up when switching costumes, and we're looking at ways to resolve it.
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The idea with the respawning insects is a good one!
At the moment my amount of food is big enough, but being a careful person I went back to the jail with the thought, there must be some new insects to save my other kinds of food. But there weren't.

For people, who like to play in a cosy manner or aren't so cleverly as others it can happen, that all the food runs out. Restarting a game after such a long time only for food reason must be hard, I think.
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I was just thinking of suggesting this - insects or, perhaps, periodic grain refils (possibly when you sleep) - glad I'm not the only one running out of food (though the removal of health loss when changing costumes should mitigate this quite a lot)
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Thanks for your ideas! Right now every item in the game is persistent, nothing is 'spawned', but I think we're definitely going to have to look at respawning some food supplies as the game progresses.

I'll pass these ideas onto Seith.

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