Couple of small suggestions

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I love the game so far, but I have a few small suggestions:

-Could we please hotkey tools on Mouse + keyboard? Dragon's Dogma did this really well, you just highlighted an item with the mouse and pressed a number key to hotkey it. I did see a message about scrolling through tools with the dpad but I'm stubborn and like my mouse and keyboard.

-Modifiable font size would be nice, I'm playing in 4k and the game looks great, but the dialogue font is pretty enormous, so the scaling works well, but it's actually too big

-A quicksave key. I'm fine with only being able to save when hiding, it's actually a great idea and I hope later game stages have hiding spots being a bit more sparse, but going into the menu to save feels a bit disjointed.

-The 'crosshair' for throwing things feels a bit fiddly and awkward, this might be better served with a dotted line showing the throwing arc/landing spot

-Don't, for the love of god, don't add voice acting, PLEASE!
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Hi, thanks for your suggestions, I'll put them forward to Seith.

It's interesting, yours is the second request we've received for no voice acting, and a couple of reviewers have mentioned that while usually they prefer VO, in this case it seems to work better without it. Thanks again!
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I also vote for no voice acting!

If you want to use a voice actor for a narrator (like for the intro, things like that) that'd be okay, but I really like that the voices for the characters are in my head.

I like thinking that if these animals were really talking, they'd just sound like squeaks and chirps. They do make mention of different languages already ('mousespeak' etc.), and it's more effective to imagine those than it is to hear some voice actor saying the lines in English (or whatever actual languages.)

And on a practical level, I'd rather the budget for voice acting be spent on the rest of the game instead. Make voice acting one of those "deluxe edition" goals or something. Or at the very least, if you do voice acting, include an option to turn it off in game.
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+1 fully agree.
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