Projectile weapons!

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Hey everyone/TeamGOAT :)

First off I want to say that this game took me by surprise, I stumbled upon it whilst browsing steam, and I have to say... I am absolutely BLOWN away at how fantastic this game is, it is everything I wanted haha, It's like a Redwall-esq game I've always dreamed of! Also it is now in my top 5 games of 2016 already, and it's not even finished! :D :D

Now! With that out of the way! Down to the nitty gritty.

I had this idea of perhaps giving Tilo a few offensive projectile weapons (that won't kill! But will be helpful to the little mouse hero.)

My first idea is:


Upon equipping it, the camera would position over the shoulder of Tilo when the player presses the aim button (whatever it is set too) Then by either pressing or holding down another button, he would fire a stone from the slingshot. The amount of time you hold down the button determines how far the shot goes.
Being that you can't kill big rats with a puny stone, the slingshot would be a more accurate 'bottle' by knocking them out momentarily. (Bottles are great in a pinch! but are hard to throw sometimes haha)
As to make the slingshot not over powered, the ammo count would only allow for 8 stones/pepples to be carried at a time. And more ammo could be picked up from "Rock Piles".

Now! The other weapon I came up with is the:

"Dart Blower"

Simply put, it's just a bamboo blowgun with a little piece of red cloth on the end (for aesthetics)
It would function in the exact same way as the slingshot, except the ammo for this would be "Sleep Darts" which you could potentially purchase from Silas.
These darts would knock a rat out for twelve in-game hours (so basically from sun up to sun down etc.)
Being that this is a really powerful tool to have, you would only be allowed to carry five darts.

I had an idea for a smoke bomb too, but I think the armor more or less is a 'undectable soloution'

Anyway! I hope you like these two weapons! And it would be amazing if you would consider them :)
If not! The game will still be fantastic in the end, and I cannot wait for the full release!
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Hi MadLord,

Great suggestions! The slingshot idea has come up over on the Steam forum (maybe it was from you!) but the blow dart idea is a new one, and might fit quite nicely with Tilo's developing character. We'll give them both some serious thought.

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