Tweek the rapid moving 3rd person camera

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Overall a great game. I am not sure if what I am writing here would be considered a suggestion or a bug. However, I will include it as a list of suggestions for now. There are some spoilers below, so if someone is reading and does not want to know what is going to happen through the game, please don't read beyond this point.

The aesthetics in this game is beautiful and I have seen few like it. However, the gameplay leaves a little to be desired; mainly in the form of the camera. The 3rd person camera is very disorienting and swivels around the character way too much in my opinion. It makes it very difficult to play, especially when running from the rat and trying to hide.

I have gotten as far as escaping the cell, hiding in the chest and talking to the pirate frog. However, when the rat starts chasing me the camera swivels so fast it is near impossible to escape and find a place to hide. I almost got nauseated by this effect even after turning off the motion blur option. Therefore, I had to stop playing the game for a bit. Will try again later.

I am not saying you should necessarily have a fixed 3rd person camera for this game, but it definitely needs to be tweaked to maximize continued gameplay. Maybe slowing down the camera pan would help, I am not exactly sure.

Again, a beautiful and intriguing game; which, if you can fix the rapid moving 3rd person camera would make for even a better game. Hope this helps and you can get a hold of me if you need more information on what I discussed above.
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Hi Caspian,

I passed on your comment to Seith, and he asked if you had tried turning off the 'camera automatic correction' option in the 'controls' menu. If you haven't, please try that, and let us know if that makes things any better.


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