Zelda like puzzles- misc suggestions

Share your ideas and thoughts for the game with the community and team.
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First of all congratulations, the game is beautiful and has a great atmosphere.

Here is a list of suggestions:

- Zelda like puzzles
- Town Hub or own player house for Role play
- HUD opacity control/transparency - more minimalistic HUD
- Title: Ghost of a tale?? Why??

-Should get more media coverage from sites like IGN, please contact all media outlets since they are always looking for content to promote.

- I found out about this game by browsing through steam recommendations, you need to promote it further.

Regards ;)
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Welcome to the forum!

Did you play the early access version of game thoroughly? If yes, one character should've mentioned something which could be connected to the title ;)
I think some staff member said that there will be the option to disabled the HUD - but I'm not totally sure.

You're right about the promotion. Rockpapershotgun for example knows about the game, some German pc game news-site other than that I didn't saw some acknowledgement. Some huge outlets like IGN are missing it somehow. As far as I checked Seiths twitter account he's aware of that. Maybe he and the rest of the team will start with bigger promo once the game is out of EA.
But since they're a small team you and I could also promote it and give media outlets a hint with why we like the game so much and that they should check it out.
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Hi Aetherius,

First of all, thanks for your kind words and support! To your suggestions:

- There will be a much greater variety to the quests in the final game, including puzzles (that hopefully will feel contextual to the world).
- The player house is not something that lends itself to the scenario for this game (though we've discussed ways to implement some of those features), but definitely something to consider if we get to make a second game!
- The next release should feature the ability to turn off the HUD. Transparency is an interesting idea, though - I'll mention it to Seith.
- Wait and see, the title should make sense eventually! :)

We're definitely going to work on visibility/promotion for the game as we get closer to the end of Early Access. As althrioan says, we're a really small team, so anything you can do to help spread the word is much appreciated!

Thanks again,

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When you love a game, it's tempting to compare it with other games you love. But you have to try and seperate it from all the others.

I'm a fan of Zelda, but i don't know if having puzzles like that genre has will benefit Ghost of a Tale. They're different worlds. The only possible reason to implement a puzzle type mechanic i beleive would be in opening locks. A little mini game with the added pressure of getting it done before a Rat Guard swings around the corner.
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I appreciate and love the game, new from Australia and just playing it while sitting my room, having bedspread! Hope to have more fund in next stages!
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Hey AussieAl, Thank you!
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