Jailbreak too hard

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You may be missing an element that is causing you issues. I know you're only having issues with the 2nd guard but I will give a full walk-through for anyone who wants to read how to finish this quest.

Here's what you may try for each guard:
1) When you sneak/crouch near the sleeping guard, stop moving when the awareness meter is too high. It should lower when you stop. Moving and then pausing like a real mouse would is helpful here.

2) Sneaking doesn't work with the second guard because he is awake. It only helps if he's looking away - but if he's facing you then sneaking will do you no good. So go to the end of the dark Screaming Door hallway but don't turn the corner. Only look around the corner with the camera to see if the guard is there. If he is, wait for him to leave the hallway with the chest. If he isn't, wait for him to enter, and then leave. This way you know he's not going to appear right when you turn the corner. Once he's gone, quickly move to the chest to hide in it. Wait. Once he comes back and moves near the hall with the Screaming Door, immediately get out and quickly walk (don't sneak) away from him. Watch the awareness meter, if it's too high, pause for a moment and sneak to let it lower, then move again.

Get to the grain basket that's near the other jail cell. Wait for the guard to walk into the new room you're in, then wait for him to turn and go back into the hall with the chest. Now get out and open the door to the guards' quarters, then quickly go in. It's hard for the guard to see you in there, but just remember to hide when he walks past the doorway.

The hard part is getting the stool to get the key on the wall. You'll have to do a lot of waiting, as you need to wait for him to keep entering the hall with the chest every time you want to make a move. When you hear him coming back, or you think it's been too long, just hide quickly anywhere. Also save every time you hide for this part.

3) The guard in the barrel room is easy. Just stick to the far right wall - you may not even need to duck here. Go above him and use the barrel to knock him out. If the barrel has been destroyed, then you can throw a bottle at his head to knock him out. If you have no bottles, then go above him and throw a stick near the far end of the room to draw him away from the door.

4) The guard in the last hallway is fairly tricky. Wait for him to come near the staircase, then when he turns around to walk back to the other end, follow him, but stop moving and sneak when the awareness meter gets too high. Once you get to the chest in the middle of the hallway, hide in it. Wait for him to go to the other end, then back towards the way you came from. Don't let him get to the end of it - you need to get out quickly and move quickly to the other guards' quarters. If he spots you, you can hide in here quickly.

Last resort) If none of these things work, then you can try sprinting everywhere you go. The guards will see you, but in reality they're not fast enough to catch you. You will have to pause every few moments to let your stamina raise. If they get too close, then sprint through them, rather than around them. They're much less likely to hit you this way. Also, save your stamina for sprinting through them - you have to be quick to avoid their halberds. For most guards, you only have to turn a corner to hide, and they should almost immediately lose you. You may take some damage using this technique.
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The first guard, you can just sneak behind.
On the second guard you can either
follow behind him watching the threat meter
Throw a stick to lure him then run past him.
Knock him out with a bottle
or the easiest is to wait for him to go around the corner,
make your way to the first chest and hide. When he comes
back exit the chest (after he passes it) and use stealth till
you get around the corner then run.

Hide in the basket or open the wall across from it and wait for him
to show up and leave again. Since he does the same patrol each time,
he is easy to get past.

You can also lure him into the room you opened and lock him in.
But I wouldn't do that till everything is found in that room.

You can use the oil bottles to put in front of him too which makes him slip
and he knocks himself out. Some guards are wearing greaves on their feet though,
so you would have to use a different method.
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