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Hello, I feel like having the lute in the misc. section is missed opportunity. You could possibly turn it into a tool that can be used.

Here's my thinking. You could either find a drunken guard/enemy and use the lute in sneak mode to play a lullaby to force the ai to sleep. I'd imagine the outcome would be different among enemies.

"place a rotgut in an enemies path and they may or may not take a drink, then use the lute in succession and we could sleep them"
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Hello Optamyze,

Thanks so much for your message. We are planning to turn the lute into a special tool that Tilo can pull out and use. We're currently planning to use it for something a little different to what you suggest, but I will pass on your suggestion to Seith, as I think it's an interesting one.

Hopefully you'll see the lute come into play in a future update of the Preview version of GoaT.

Thanks again,

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A playable lute would be great. Maybe Tilo can strum it dependent upon onscreen guided buttons similar to The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. But then that would probably require Tilo to be grounded so maybe it would be more interesting to have a simpler lute interaction by allowing Tilo to be able to slowly walk while he plays tunes unassisted.
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