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I don't have a photographic memory, so it is possible to be able to look back on the clues that the NPC characters give you or you paid for?
Maybe have a log of the conversations you have.
That would be helpful.
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Hey Bobazoid,

Great idea, I'll discuss it with Seith, and see if it's possible.


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That would still be a nice thing to add, as there are several things I cannot make characters repeat. For instance, I am supposed to meet the Smith on the shore as my quest log states but I faintly remember that a certain time was mentioned (probably night). I do not remember if a more detailed location was mentioned. I have not yet been able to meet with Rolo on said shore, I fail to find him because I am probably doing it wrong.

By the way, the clues-part of my LORE section is empty. Feels like wasted potential.
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Why hasn't the converstaion log been implemented? This is a post of 2017, and it is so game braking to not have a conversation log. :shock:

The only workaround for me now, is to start the game back from the beginning and photograph all conversations with my smartphone.
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Hi captaincofresi

Thanks so much for your message. Unfortunately we're not going to be able to add this feature to Ghost of a Tale at this stage,
but we think it's a great idea, and we'll absolutely implement it for any future games. Thanks again and all the best

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