The ability to "wait till x o'clock"

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First off, huge props to the team for creating the most beautiful game I've ever seen. Like a nursery book sprang to life. Absolutely flawless.

That being said, I often find myself sitting in containers waiting for the day/night cycle to affect the lighting to specific times. Sometimes I want to play at night as a sneak, other times I want to explore in the full splendor of the sunshine!

Would it be possible to add a button that would allow Tilo to wait till x o'clock in the box/container? If you have played the elder scrolls games I'm sure you understand how valuable a tool this is.

I hope my suggestion isn't too late. I've only just stumbled upon this magnificent gem and see it is very close to completion. Fingers crossed and good luck!! You guys have created a true masterpiece here!
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Hi Dreamwalker,

Thanks so much for your message, and suggestion. Did you know it's possible for Tilo to sleep on a bed until a certain time? It works in a similar way to what you're suggesting, although at the moment the ability to sleep doesn't become activated until you meet Silas for the first time. We're looking at making it available earlier in the game, and adding more beds.

All the same, I'll pass on your idea to Seith, as it's definitely interesting. Thanks again, I'm so happy you like the game!

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