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Posted: Mon Aug 18, 2014 8:43 pm
by Herr_Martinelli

i saw today "goat" for the first time and i love it! (it takes a halfe second after i saw the trailer then i was falling in love :D )

well.. my questions/ideas:

did the mouse use his instrument in the game?? it would be cute and nice! maybe a kind of "guitar-mousing" (instead of guitar hero) to open doors or just to use it as a weapon?

then... we need also german translation please! and: is there any voice-sound in this game? or just text-comunication?

cant wait to play it on my xbox one! if there is anything i can do for this game let me know! (maybe beta-testing on xbox one? ) or something else :)

Re: instrument/language

Posted: Tue Aug 19, 2014 2:18 am
by david
Greetings and welcome Herr Martinelli :D

Good questions! Tilo will definitely be using his lute in the game (though how and why he will use it remains a mystery). Seith told me personally that he intends for 5 languages, at least, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. He is also wondering about the possibility of releasing in Asia, like Japan etc... he is really interested to see how the Japanese respond to Tilo and his story :D

As I understand (though I dont have perfect information on this) the decision on voicing hasn't been fully made yet, but it seems that GOAT is unlikely to have full character voices, due to the cost/time/complexity/difficulty involved in getting this right. Perhaps a narrator, or something unusual... it is still unknown, perhaps Seith himself hasn't even made up his mind :?:

Thank you for your offer to beta test GOAT! HOWEVER, with regard to that possibility, on any platform, my experience is that Seith is really cautious and quite secretive about GOAT development. As you'll understand, he likes to release things when they are looking and playing quite good... as a result he worries about (even accidental and well-intentioned) leaks etc. so he probably isn't going to take on beta testers from outside the team, except in unusual circumstances.